VASL Saturday Round Robin - August 19, 2017
Diamonds in Alphabetical Order / Text All Scores to 604-263-6670
  Carnarvon (SW) Churchill (N)
9:00 AM Brew Jays vs No Walks Allowed Rokstad Rockets vs 99 Problems
10:30 AM Slowpokes vs Dangerball Local Sports Team vs Rokstad Rockets
12:00 PM Slowpokes vs Brew Jays The Badgers vs Corked Bats
1:30 PM Fireballz vs Dangerball Rogers Dockside Rabbits vs Rokstad Rockets
3:00 PM Tainted Glove vs Dangerball Roadkill vs Slowpokes
4:30 PM Getsome vs Brew Jays  
  Columbia (NE) Columbia (SE)
9:00 AM The Flying Salmon vs Sons of Pitches  
10:30 AM Sons of Pitches vs Mishits  
12:00 PM Team Friendship vs Mishits  
1:30 PM Team Friendship vs The Prancing Kittens  
3:00 PM The Stunts vs Mishits  
4:30 PM Team Friendship vs The Stunts  
  Douglas (NW) Douglas (SW)
9:00 AM Tainted Glove vs Roadkill Getsome vs Fireballz
10:30 AM Tainted Glove vs Fireballz Getsome vs Roadkill
  Montgomery (NC) Osler
9:00 AM Paper Kings vs Studs & Mares The Dingers vs Back & Forth Traders
10:30 AM Rabbits vs Back & Forth Traders Caught Looking vs Studs & Mares
12:00 PM The Dingers vs Caught Looking Paper Kings vs Rabbits
1:30 PM Studs & Mares vs Back & Forth Traders  
3:00 PM The Dingers vs Paper Kings  
4:30 PM Caught Looking vs Rabbits  
  Montgomery (SE) Montgomery (SW)
9:00 AM Isotopes vs Uncoachable Boxcars Stonecutters vs The Mobb
10:30 AM The Stunts vs Uncoachable Boxcars Stonecutters vs The Prancing Kittens
12:00 PM Billionaire Boys Club vs The Mobb Isotopes vs Wolf Pac
1:30 PM The Flying Salmon vs Stonecutters Uncoachable Boxcars vs Sons of Pitches
3:00 PM Billionaire Boys Club vs Isotopes Wolf Pac vs The Mobb
4:30 PM The Prancing Kittens vs Wolf Pac Billionaire Boys Club vs The Flying Salmon
  Norquay (NE) Norquay (SW)
9:00 AM The Hydrocarbons vs East Van Drivers Rogers Dockside Rabbits vs Pacific Blue Sox
10:30 AM Louisville Chuggers vs East Van Drivers BaseJackers vs Rogers Dockside Rabbits
12:00 PM The Hydrocarbons vs BaseJackers Pacific Blue Sox vs Bloodbath and Beyond
1:30 PM East Van Drivers vs 99 Problems Local Sports Team vs Louisville Chuggers
3:00 PM Local Sports Team vs Pacific Blue Sox  Bloodbath and Beyond vs 99 Problems
4:30 PM Louisville Chuggers vs BaseJackers The Hydrocarbons vs Bloodbath and Beyond
  Tisdall (NE) Tisdall (SW)
9:00 AM Intact Impact vs I Hearts Scared Hitless vs Breaking Balls
10:30 AM Intact Impact vs 179ers Breaking Balls vs I Hearts
12:00 PM No Walks Allowed vs Scared Hitless The Sandlot vs Intact Impact
1:30 PM 179ers vs Breaking Balls No Walks Allowed vs I Hearts
3:00 PM The Sandlot vs Corked Bats 179ers vs The Badgers
4:30 PM The Sandlot vs The Badgers Corked Bats vs Scared Hitless