Vancouver Advertising Slo-Pitch League

Updated Standings Through July 6

Week 13 -  More Evening Doubleheaders

Schedule is now posted through Friday, July 27. Schedule includes makeup games from rain and postponements, along with tweaking of matchups for teams that were in the wrong division at the beginning of the season. Check back on July 13 for August schedule.

If there's anything else you'd like posted on the site just let us know.

2017 Regular Season Champions

  • A Division: The Dingers
  • B Division: Caught Looking
  • C Division: No Walks Allowed
  • D Division: Scared Hitless
  • E Division: The Hydrocarbons

2017 Playoff Champions

  • A Division: The Dingers
  • B Division: Slowpokes
  • C Division: The Sandlot
  • D Division: Stonecutters
  • E Division: 99 Problems

VASL 2017 Parks Now on Google Maps

VASL Google MapWe have Google Maps for all VASL Parks. The map can be viewed as a map, satellite image, or a hybrid of both. Click on the park name on the left and it will take you to the park. From there you can get directions by clicking the "to here" button.

Important Slow Pitch League Info

Team Lists, Park Lists, and Rules can be found in the About section.